Profa. Dra. Ilse Jonkers

Department of Biomedical Kinesiology - Leuven, Belgium
From my PhD (2000) onwards, I successfully bridged from a classical human movement science and physical therapy profile towards an integrated biomedical science and biomedical engineering profile, exploiting maximally the use of 3D motion capture and multi-body simulation techniques to advance the understanding on pathological movement. The two-year postdoctoral stay at the bioengineering department at Stanford University (Prof Delp) was a pivotal experience in this process. To date, I am a professor and head of the Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group at KU Leuven.

My group is conducting internationally highly competitive research on the quantification of whole joint loading using multi-body simulation. Its work is known for the development of subject-specific musculoskeletal models containing a high level of anatomical detail, especially in the context of cerebral palsy. More recent research activities relate to the development of multi-scale modelling of bone and cartilage adaptation and advanced medical imaging of cartilage to understand degenerative joint diseases. In this context, I am to elucidate the role of mechanical loading in cartilage homeostasis and disease using multi-axial bioreactor experiments. I am passionate about this new, highly multi-disciplinary research line combining biomedical sciences (human movement science, musculoskeletal modelling, cartilage biology and imaging) and engineering sciences (multi-scale modelling).

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